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We build displays & computer systems for your office, wherever your office may be

CRT Monitors

Fully Enclosed Touch Screen


Fully Sealed IP67 (NEMA 6) Submersible Machined Aluminum Enclosure

Harsh Duty LCD Panel w/ Optically Bonded Overlay

True High Brightness Low Power, high reliability Solid State LED Backlighting

VarTech’s advanced VTLED driver technology


Wide Viewing Angles , Very High Contrast

Extreme Wide Operational Temperatures


Touch Toggle Between Multiple Video Feeds

L&B is able to provide customers with a wide range of custom displays and modules. These include panel, rack mount, open frame & mobile displays. L&B can design and produce these displays in any shapes and sizes, in order to fit your application, bezel or case. L&B manages In-House the entire process from design through production and industrial environmental and MIL-STD certifications.

Lucius & Baer is unique Rugged Solution manufacturer who has dedicated its business model and core technology primarily to customized solutions.