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Rugged Convertibles

  • Features:
    • Ultra Low Voltage Intel® Core™ i7 vPro™ Processor
    • Notebook-to-tablet Convertible Mode
    • Getac QuadraClearTM Sunlight Readable Technology: 1200 Nits with Touchscreen
    • Water Resistant Reversible Webcam
    • Full Magnesium Alloy Case with Hand Strap
    • Shock-protected Removable HDD
  • Features:
    • Industry-leading Convertible Notebook with Impeccable Efficiency
    • Notebook to Tablet Convertible 12.1" TFT LCD WXGA Display
    • Embedded with Getac QuadraClear™ Sunlight Readable Technology: Up to 1200 nits with Multi-touch Screen
    • Water Resistant Reversible Webcam
    • LifeSupport™ Battery Swappable Technology
    • Full-sized Keyboard

About L&B Rugged Convertible Notebooks

Lucius & Baer Rugged Convertible Notebook solutions are designed from the ground up for maximum durability and incorporate both devices Tablet and Laptop. You can have both in a single device. Laptop when you want it, Tablet when you need it. 2 in 1 gives you top performance laptop and tablet mobility.
These extra robust convertible notebooks were developed to cope with the daily strains, which are exposed to outdoor use in field service and field repair, flight path system analysis, geophysical exploration, naval and military use.