Lucius & Baer Metall Works

Metall Works

Lucius & Baer Gmbh did move it´s Mechanical Departement to a new Location. This move is necessarry to follow the demand of our Customers. "We have to be faster and more flexible" says Stefan Krammer, CEO and Owner. Not only moving was the task, we also invested in a complete new "5 - Dimensional Milling System" fully controlled by a CNC-System. Now we are able to fullfill all the mechanical needs from our customers. "Lucius & Baer Metall Works" has now more than 500 sqm of space and 6 fully contolled CNC-Milling Machines.

Just some Highlits of our new 5 - Dimensional System:



  • EMCO Maxmill 500
  • 700 x 700 mm Working Space
  • 1,6s tool changing Time
  • 40 Tools Magazin
  • 5 Axes
  • 15.000 max RPM



Lucius & Baer at Mechanical WorkLucius & Baer at Mechanical WorkLucius & Baer at Mechanical Work


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