Lucius & Baer provides Rugged Display for ADAC

Rugged Display

Lucius & Baer GmbH provides Rugged Display for ADAC break-down assistants vehicles.
More than 60 million kilometers travels the ADAC road patrol each year, competently to help stranded ADAC Club members and others after vehicle breakdowns.

New L&B Rugged Docking Station


New Lucius & Baer Rugged Docking Station for the Tablet PC RTC10001 build to comply with MIL-STD-810G Available Now

The Lucius & Baer Rugged Docking Solution for the RTC10001 Tablet PC offers both IP54 protection as well as port replication for most of the interfaces.

Lucius & Baer Metall Works

Metall Works

Lucius & Baer Gmbh did move it´s Mechanical Departement to a new Location. This move is necessarry to follow the demand of our Customers.

New Ambient Lighting Industrial Display

Industrial Display

Lucius & Baer GmbH offers new LED Ambient lighting technology for their Industrial Display product line. This innovative technology, among the first introduced to the industry as modular and standard display solution, provides unique control an indication for industrial critical processes.

Lucius & Baer GmbH introduces...

...Unique Rugged Convertible Notebook Based on the Intel® i7 microprocessor with an Integrated Extension Unit for PCI Express slot and all I/O on MIL connectors. Lucius & Baer has developed and now produces a Rugged Convertible Notebook LB-RCN-1320 with an Integrated Extension Unit, which brings improved withstanding against environmental impacts on the LB-RCN-1320 besides an additional flexibility on the usage of electronic interfaces.

Lucius & Baer has developed...

Field Application based on Frame-Grabber PCI Express Slot Card.

Besides the standard version of the Extension Unit as the base for custom adoption, Lucius & Baer also offers factory approved function add-ons like single or multi channel analog frame-grabbers. Based on the Imperx VCE Analog Framegrabber as PCI Express Slot Cards, Lucius & Baer offers 1 and 2 Channel ready-to-use solutions with or without additional trigger inputs.