Military Sensor System

The permanent availability of military equipment and vehicles is immensely important for a country's defence readiness. Certain emergencies or catastrophic situations beyond warlike conflicts must also be dealt with quickly and reliably. LUCIUS & BAER offers outstanding solutions and the best support.

Reliable sensor technology under all weather conditions

In the field of military sensor systems, high-performance technology plays a major role even under the most unfavourable environmental conditions. Whether in complete darkness, heavy rain, snowfall, dense fog or massive dust - the electronic components used in defence vehicles, protective vehicles and defence equipment must be fully functional at all times. In this respect, military sensor systems from LUCIUS & BAER are distinguished by their high performance and robustness. They defy the rigors of nature and allow unhindered operation in the operational area.

Infrared cameras, sensors, high-performance displays

Infrared cameras, day light cameras, laser range finder, high-performance displays and many other components ensure that information about the current situation can be obtained, forwarded and evaluated quickly and reliably. The LUCIUS & BAER company has always stood for high-quality industrial computers, modern display systems and intelligent sensor technology, which are convincing even under difficult and highly complex conditions. In the field of military sensor systems, you are always on the safe side with our products.

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