Industrial Computer

Our wide range of industrial computers has been designed and built to provide the highest level of longevity. We are specialized in the development and production of industrial computer solutions that operate under demanding environmental conditions. 

Problematic Work Environments - IPCs Create the Basis for Reliable Running Applications

Industrial computers (IPCs) work with the same standardized operating systems, memory components and interfaces as ordinary personal computers and can provide standard software. Communication with other devices using digital technology based on standard interfaces (e.g. USB, HDMI, LAN, WLAN, …) - also corresponds to that of a common personal computer. We are also able to meet your mechanical interfaces.

In contrast to office computers, an IPC is equipped to meet the high demands of industry with regard to robustness, availability and security. The increased presence of dust, high or low temperature and other environmental influences in production halls alone would endanger the trouble-free operation of an ordinary personal computer. In industrial plants there can be increased dirt deposits, extreme temperature fluctuations, an increased air humidity content as well as vibrations or shocks.

  • LUCIUS & BAER supplies IPC solutions for all industrial applications.
  • LUCIUS & BAER is able to replace existing IPC solutions fully compatible.

Individual solutions

We see the individual requirements of our customers as a permanent challenge. However, we do not see ourselves as a "classic inventor", but as a system and solution partner for our customers, whose innovative strength is geared exclusively to the task at hand. With constructive creativity, many years of experience and comprehensive commitment, we find the optimal solution even for complex requirements and the toughest stress variables in a highly specialized environment.

Advantages at a glance 

  • Durable, customer-specific industrial computers
  • Latest processor technologies
  • Optimum cooling
  • Individual mechanical interfaces
  • Reliable operation in harsh environments
  • Robust even under extreme temperatures and wet, salty, foggy or dusty conditions
  • Tailor-made solutions