Panel PC - high quality, powerful and reliable H2M interfaces

Panel PCs are a subgroup of industrial computers and, as H2M interfaces, play an important role in production, automation, machine control and monitoring or process and network monitoring. In most cases, they provide the basis for interaction with a complex IT infrastructure and provide clear and user-friendly information. 

Compact Panel PC in a robust design

A Panel PC consists of selected components that enable a compact, efficient and in most cases fanless and robust design. The most important of these are a CPU board, internal storage media, a display in a suitable size for the purpose and a touch screen as an input medium.

Customized solutions

Our Panel PCs are equipped with various interfaces. This allows you to use the PCs in a variety of ways. In addition, we focus on customer-specific product solutions of maximum quality. We also develop the right system for complex applications - exactly as you need it for your requirements.

Various widely used types for efficient H2M interfaces

Depending on their application and design, a differentiation between different sublines is possible. In principle, all models can be sealed up to level IP68. This serves on the one hand to protect the hardware, for example in dust-laden environments, and on the other hand enables easy cleaning of the surface. There is almost no environmental standard who can´t be matched.

Your advantages with LUCIUS & BAER:

  • Comprehensive quality management
  • Many years of industry experience
  • Customized solutions