Medical Monitor

Whether in the field of diagnostics or therapy - medical monitors have become an integral part of modern day-to-day practice. From ultrasound examinations to x-rays and surgical microscopy, there are countless fields of application for them. It is obvious that in the vast majority of cases no standard solutions from the conventional IT range can be used. After all, medical monitors must be able to withstand the often very special conditions of clinical operation. High customizability, permanent reliability and convincing image reproduction are just as important as easy cleaning and maintenance of the displays

Individual display solutions

We at Lucius & Baer have known for over 40 years that special customers need special system solutions. This is especially true for medical monitors and displays. Thanks to our many years of experience and the many successful projects we have completed, we are in an excellent position to adapt monitors to the special clinical, diagnostic and surgical requirements. Both in the field of X-ray diagnostics and in surgical microscopy, we provide our customers with high-quality display solutions that are precisely tailored to the respective application.

Monitors for the entire spectrum of clinical everyday life

At Lucius & Baer you will find medical monitors for practically the entire spectrum of clinical everyday life. Whether monochrome or in colour - we always provide you with a convincing resolution, easily adjustable brightness levels and strong contrasts. The technology used is based on a modern backlit LED process. If you use medical monitors from Lucius & Baer, the reproduction of a high-resolution and high-contrast image in the best colour depth or in an optimal grayscale representation is guaranteed even in the basic settings.

Customer Proximity

Tailor-made solutions that bring you real added value are based on clear specifications. For us, this means that we listen carefully to you at the beginning of the cooperation and find out what is important to you. Customer dialogue and customer proximity are an important part of our corporate culture.

The advantages of LUCIUS & BAER at a glance:

  • Many years of technical experience
  • Individual solutions
  • Efficient project management